More than 23,000 qualifying Montana State Fund policyholders hit a huge milestone recently. Communications Specialist Mary Boyle with MSF said policyholders will share a $20 million dividend, the largest is MSF history:

"Our board at Montana State Fund declared a $20 million dividend for our policy holders," Boyle said. "This will take affect then in January is when the policyholders will receive their refund. Those who are safety conscious and have minimal losses or injuries, they're the ones who gain by keeping their injuries down."

This is equivalent to an average 16 percent premium reduction to those customers receiving the dividend. Boyle said compared to last year and prior years, Montana has been able to keep injuries down overall.

"That is basically our main mission here at Montana State Fund is to keep Montana's workers safe on the job and that we build a culture of safety," Boyle said. "That's what our employers have done also in regards to this dividend. They are working hard to keep their workplaces safe and tokeep their employees safe on the job."

"For the 16th consecutive year, MSF has returned dividends to safety conscious employers who have invested money, time and resources in their businesses to make safety a priority," said President and CEO of MSF Laurence Hubbard. "As an organization we are proud to return a portion of our customers' premium back to them. This dividend is possible this year due to strong financial investments and our ability to efficiently manage claim costs that result in positive outcomes for injured workers."

Boyle said since 1999, MSF has returned over $100 million to customers in general dividend payments.

Mary Boyle:

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