Over the weekend, the Montana Republican Central Committee decided in an 83-43 vote to join a lawsuit that could strike down some Montana election laws. Specifically, Republicans are challenging the open primary system, arguing that laws that allow democrats and other non-republican voters to vote in the republican primary, are at odds with the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Republican Party chairman Will Deschamps says the party will add its own lawyer to the case as well.

"Representative [Matthew] Monforton from Gallatin County is the one that is spearheading the lawsuit that ten state central committees have signed onto," said Republican party Chairman Will Deschamps. "The party then chose to join onto that lawsuit, we, obviously, will have our own attorney, Monforton will not be representing the state party."

Attorney Jim Brown will represent the Republican Party which has just a few days left to sign the official paperwork.

"The judge had given the five central committees and their attorney thirteen days to add or subtract any people that were going to join onto the lawsuit, this is my understanding. So, thirteen days from the tenth, so that's the first writ that has to be done by the state party saying that we are joining the lawsuit."

Deschamps says the lawsuit is in its infancy and that it could take quite a while to make it through court, the first writ is due by Friday, January 23.