On Friday’s KGVO Talk Back talk show, Montana Republican Party Chairman Don Kaltschmidt celebrated what was termed the ‘red wave’ in victories for Republicans on the state ticket in Tuesday’s election.

“It was a great night for us but obviously Tuesday marked the most historic election in Montana history for the Republican Party,” said Kaltschmidt, “The Montana Republican Party is proud to announce a red wave. Montana is officially red in those 2020 elections. And after Tuesday's republicans sweep it's never been more clear that the modern Democratic Party far left agenda has no place in Montana.”

Kaltschmidt said even in a primarily Democratically strong county like Missoula, Republicans fared well.

“Donald Trump got 37 percent, Steve Daines got 36 percent against a popular governor, especially in Missoula, so he broke five points over the normal,” he said. “Matt Rosendale got 37% and Greg Gianforte, governor elect got 36 percent.”

Kaltschmidt expanded on his comments about Greg Gianforte.

“After 16 years of democratic rule in Helena, Greg Gianforte is really ready to change the way Helena does business,” he said. “Greg will finally get Helena working for the people of Montana again, and he's really the man to lead Montana's comeback, and he has a plan. “You can go on his website and see how it will get the economy going because he's going to deliver on his promises.”

Kaltschmidt continued to praise his party’s performance in the election.

“As the Republican party, I believe we have been able to, and I think the numbers show, that we’ve increased our base and the people that are identifying with Republicans, and under Republican leaders, they will make sure that Montana is always the ‘last best place’.”

Republicans won across the board in Montana, with Steve Daines, Greg Gianforte, Matt Rosendale, Lisa Jacobson, Troy Downing and Elsie Arntzen all claiming victories over their Democratic opponents.


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