The Environmental Protection Agency recently wrapped up a four-year study on the effects of fracking on groundwater. According to Montana Petroleum Association director Dave Galt, the findings are good news for his industry.

"They confirmed what industry has been saying all along, that there is not a significant from hydraulic fracturing to our water supply and that is again validated by the EPA, I think this is the third time they've looked at it and this study was a lot more comprehensive. I think this is really good news for the oil and gas industry in America."

Galt said he doubts that these findings will give the fracking industry much relief from environmental litigation.

"I hope [these findings] do [bring some relief] but, you know, people that run environmental organizations run on fear, so I'm not entirely sure," Galt said.

Montana has had zero large drill rigs running since at least April and Galt said that that was still the case as of yesterday, but that he is hopeful that will turn around in the near future when gas prices stabilize.