The Montana Museum of Art and Culture has been named an Editor's Choice pick in the list of the best museums by TripAdvisor.The recognition came from TripAdvisor’s travel blog Trip Pod and Director Barbara Koostra said that this kind of recognition was definitely unexpected.

"Well, I have to say quite frankly it came little out of the blue, but we are absolutely delighted to have heard from an editor actually based in Ottowa, Canada, who cited us as the cultural destination in our beautiful state to head to," Koostra said. "We have so many fine museums and other cultural entities that we are truly thrilled."

MMAC joins institutions across the U.S. including the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee, and the Crystal Bridges Museum of Art in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Koostra said that the staff hopes that this review will put them on the map.

"It's really wonderful to get this kind of kudos recognizing that we are attracted to the folks that come to our state, visit, spend their monies, and have an enriching experience with their families traveling so it's great," Koostra said. "Museums are all about tourism as well as community service, so for us it's a great match."

The museum is located at the University of Montana right across from the Adams Center in the PAR-TV building.

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