Yellowstone National Park’s, Historic Lake Yellowstone Hotel has been declared a National Landmark. Public Information Officer Amy Bartlett says this is very beneficial to the park.


"It's a great honor for the park and the hotel, as well it just helps and ensure that they get some advice adn some guidance in helping preserve this historic landmark," said Bartlett


Bartlett says that this status will also give additional funding and preservation to the hotel , which is much needed, as it is the oldest hotel in the park.


"Well the Lake Yellowstone Hotel is actually the oldest hotel in the park, it was originally constructed in 1891," said Bartlett. "it was redesigned in the 20th century by the noted architect Robert C. Reamer, and it was done as a Grand Resort Hotel, and it was displayed in a colonial revival style. There's not many buildings of that style around in the United States anymore."


Park visitors can still stay at the hotel, but don’t expect to be able to watch TV, as the park intends to keep TV’s out of the bedroom.



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