University of Montana Assistant Professor of Composition Emilie LeBel has become the first woman to win the Land’s End Ensemble’s Composers Competition. 

"I'm actually Canadian, so this is an award that is offered to Canadian composers and composers that are residing in Canada right now," LeBel said. "The ensemble calls for scores, which are then heard by a blind jury. What that means is scores and recording of pieces are sent in, but the jury doesn't know who wrote the music. From there, they chose three pieces."

LeBel said the three finalists were then flown to Calgary…

"And the ensemble presented our pieces in a concert. The jury deliberated and announced a winner, which I was very happy was me," LeBel said. "Now I get a commission to write a piece for the ensemble, and it's a paid commission, so I get a bit of money which is always a nice thing, too."

LeBel’s ensemble was made up a piano trio, which consisted of the piano, violin and cello and in her piece “Orando.”

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