The state of Montana is number two in the country for car versus deer collisions.

State Farm Insurance Public Information Officer Brodie Hertado said there are thousands of claims for deer collisions every year in Montana alone.

“Last year, it looks like between 2016 and 2017 the amount of claims in Montana were at 13,640,” said Hertado. “This year, between last June of 2017 and August of 2018, our claims were 14,098.”

Hertado has some tips to avoid hitting a deer while you’re driving around western Montana.

“Typically from dust to dawn is their feeding time,” he said. “That’s a good time to watch out for them, so whether you’re on the way home or you’re driving to a friend’s house after work or after school or something like that, just make sure to scan the road. Always look for those deer crossing signs. Typically, if you see one deer there are going to me more around them, so if you happen to pass one and it’s not in the middle of the road, just be extra cautious because there are probably three or four right around the corner.”

The Montana law that allows for the salvage of road-killed wildlife for food became effective in 2013. The only state with more cars versus deer collisions in the U.S. is West Virginia.

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