There will be a special assembly at Corvallis High School on Monday morning to kick off the 'Celebrate My Drive, 2N2 voting campaign'.

Principal Tim Johnson said the school has produced its own drivers safety video for the competition.

"The high school applied tor a grant from the State Farm organization for safe driving called the 2N2, that's two eyes on the road and two hands on the wheel," Johnson said. "In partnership with MAPS we've developed a safe driving video,  (password 2N2) and it really turned out well. We submitted it to State farm for their Celebrate My Drive promotion, and we were selected as one of the top 100 finalists nationwide, the only high school in Montana."

Johnson wants to spread the word that the public can go online and vote for the school's entry.

"We're asking people to go to the contest website, and on Monday there will be a 'vote now' button," he said. "People can vote once a day Monday through Friday of this week. You have to be at least 14 years of age to vote. There are categories for large high schools and small high schools, and we're in the small high school category."

Of the top 50 high schools, 11 will receive a $100,000 prize, and in addition, each top vote-getter will receive an Echosmith concert at their high school.

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