Believe it or not, March is right around the corner, and that can mean only one thing to hunters and anglers in Montana.

The deadline to apply for new hunting and fishing licenses is a few weeks away, and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks wants to remind anglers and hunters of the application end date.

"Although we've passed the calendar new year, now is the time in the fish and wildlife world where we have a new year for our licensing," FWP spokeswoman Vivica Crowser said. "Beginning March 1, you need to have a new hunting and fishing license for this year, and for these seasons. Those are on sale now. You can go to any license provider or online just to get your general licenses purchased."

Crowser said the first in a series of deadlines to apply for permits and special licenses to hunt deer and elk is March 15.

"It's for any hunting district that requires a permit on top of your general license," Crowser said. "So, a permit for a special opportunity to hunt for bucks or bulls, usually is what it's associated with, and that is associated with the March 15 deadline."

Other deadlines include May 1 for moose, sheep, and goat as well as June 2 for anterless hunting.

For more information about these deadlines or how to apply for permits and special licenses, visit the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks website.