After a flurry of news this week about President Obama’s executive orders concerning gun safety, Montana gun dealers are reporting a boost in sales. Missoula’s Selway Armory sells guns nationwide online and co-owner Travis Linneman says Obama has been good for business.

"Absolutely," Linneman said. "Actually it started this weekend as there was the first announcement that [Obama] was going to the DOJ to meet with the head of the Department of Justice to talk about options. We saw a doubling in our normal gun rate for this time of year for guns moving online."

Handguns appear to be getting most of the attention.

"Guns for conceal carry are really hot," Linneman said. "A few years ago ARs were really hot, and they are still pretty hot, but now it's all about conceal carry and personal defense. That has been a long term trend, but I think the shootings in San Bernardino and things like that have accelerated it."

Though most of the news this week has centered on Obama’s announcement on Tuesday, Linneman says the biggest restrictions his industry has to face this year are coming from new State laws rather than the Federal Government.

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