Roy Wood Jr. who works as a correspondent with Comedy Central’s The Daily Show made a surprise appearance at a Montana rally over the weekend. Wood Jr. was at the “March for Our Guns” rally and spoke on the capitol steps, saying he wasn’t a gun owner or a member of the NRA, but had learned a lot from Montana during his visit. Then he delivers a line that appears to be designed for deadpan humor.

"This is the march that everyone should be talking about, but they aren't," Wood Jr. said. "You know, I've learned a lot, I've learned that guns make people safe, which is why we didn't bring our guns today, because we understand that."

Wood Jr. went on to say he would bring what he learned back to his people in Alabama and Washington D.C. before ridiculing the idea of taking guns out of movies.

"It's about common sense, it's about having a sensible upbringing, it's about education," Wood Jr. said. "It's not about movies that have all these guns in 'em. They want to take guns out of movies! Come on. I went home, I watched Fast and Furious, you know what, I'm still a safe driver. I went home, I watched Shape of Water, I don't want to date a fish!"

It is unclear if any of Wood’s speech in Montana will air on The Daily Show, but eyewitnesses say a camera crew was there. Video of the speech can be seen below starting at around the 58 minute mark.

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