Montana gas prices keep climbing, and gas Petroleum Analyst Will Spear says that in one week, Montana prices rose nearly as much as the national price rose over the past four weeks.

"Another rough week for Montana drivers, gas prices were up another seven-and-a-half cents from last week, so the average is $2.68 at the pump," Spear said. "Even with recent increases that add up to about 28 cents over the last month, and still less than the national average of about $2.76 cents.

Spear says the national average has “peaked” and that Montana will do so soon, after some maintenance at a refinery in Utah wraps up.

"It was supposed to take about four weeks for the maintenance, so we are expecting another week or two," Spear said. "Also, typically for Montana, it lags behind the national trend. We are just seeing the peak happening for summer gas prices and Montana can expect to see that shortly"

While Montana gas prices jumped by nearly eight cents over the past week, the national average rose by less than half of a cent.


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