After an announcement on Thursday, October 4, by Lieutenant Governor John Walsh, Montana Democrats finally have a recognizable candidate for the 2014 U.S. Senate race.

The announcement was made via a YouTube video in which the former National Guardsman describes himself as "a fourth-generation Montanan from Butte."

The video focuses on Walsh's family, his military service, and his time working as the State's Lieutenant Governor.

"I'm really proud of what Governor Bullock and I have accomplished together," Walsh said. "We've put politics aside to do what's right for Montana."

In an accompanying email announcement, Walsh focused even more on his political legacy.

Working together, we put politics aside to balance the budget, create good jobs and opportunity, and protect our freedoms -- including our proud outdoor heritage, and the right of all women to make their own healthcare decisions. We made historic investments in education and froze college tuition.

After describing himself as "A soldier. Not a politician," Walsh critiqued the current political class for improper focus.

"Too many in both parties are concerned about their appearance, their reelection, preserving their privileges. They put their party and politics ahead of the people they are supposed to be representing."


A lot of the specifics of what Walsh's campaign issues will be are yet to be seen. At the moment, the campaign website is extremely bare bones, containing only a video (see above) and a request for interested parties to "Join my campaign." Walsh did announce a campaign Facebook page and Twitter account, but neither of those are issues driven at the moment either.