The Better Business Bureau worked with the Montana Attorney General’s Office to take down two fraudulent vehicle distribution websites. BBB Montana Marketplace Director Dan Buchta says they received several scam reports from people who used Montana Truck Experts and Montana Truck Center.

“People had wired money to these companies to what they thought was actually an escrow account that was going to help them close a transaction,” said Buchta. “They wired thousands of dollars hoping to get some heavy equipment, whether that be a backhoe, a new truck or something along those lines and then the equipment never showed up. When they tried to get their money back from the escrow company they realized that the escrow company was fake and that they actually wired money directly into somebody’s account.”

According to Buchta, they still don’t know who is directly responsible for these scams.

“We have no way of tracing it back to the individual criminals, at least not yet,” Buchta said. “Of course there is still a search out for those guys and an ongoing investigation to see if law enforcement can arrest them.”

According to multiple reports to the BBB Scam Tracker, consumers across the nation lost over $12,000. AG Tim Fox says criminals are getting more creative at stealing your hard-earned money and that it is important to properly research any purchase you make online.

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