Missoula County Public Schools have been receiving reports from parents of a suspicious call that appears to be a scam. MCPS Superintendent Mark Thane explains.

“Some parents have been receiving telephone calls saying that essentially their high school students at school opted in to a program to help prepare them for the SAT, ACT or college level exams,” Thane said. “The organization that is making the calls says that there are free test prep materials and they have stated that they are in partnership with the district, but people are being asked to give their credit card numbers because they need to make sure that the materials are returned at the end.”

Thane says there is no coordination with the school district.

“Number one, we are not partnering with any organization in such an endeavor and number two, we would certainly want people to be wary whenever they get an approach like that,” Thane said. “Certainly this is not something we recognize. It is not a partnership with us. This organization is not affiliated with the college board or testing services.”

Reports of scam calls from organizations called “SAT/ACT Scholastic Achievement” or “College Level Exams” have been reported nationally. It is unclear if these are the same scam calls occurring in Missoula but the public is advised to do their due diligence before sharing private information over the phone.

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