The Montana Attorney General's Office of Consumer Protection is working with Verizon Wireless customers to help them improve coverage or switch carriers. Customers mostly in rural areas experienced a loss of service after a three year contract between AT&T and Verizon expired in June 22.

Deputy Communications Director for Attorney General Tim Fox Anastasia Burton said on Tuesday, that the Office of Consumer Protection began getting calls on Monday about a loss of service.

"What happened was,  Verizon subscribers were able to roam using AT&T towers in-state, however, the agreement between AT&T and Verizon ended on June 22nd, and Verizon didn't anticipate the number of areas in Montana that would be affected during the transition," Burton said. "

Burton said Verizon has been cooperative in restoring service as quickly as possible.

"Verizon has been very good in committing to working around the clock to either getting cell phone towers on wheels in some areas, or to building more permanent facilities where that's a possibility," Burton said. "Consumer protection has been getting calls regarding loss of service from various locations, including Geraldine, Absarokee, Fort Benton, Browning, Harlem, Cascade, Lincoln, and Virginia City."

Burton explained why the Attorney General's office became involved in the situation.

"Consumers started calling us last Monday, upset about the loss of service," Burton said. "That's why we stepped in and worked with Verizon to reach a solution to satisfy the needs of those consumers."

Deputy Communications Director for Attorney General Tim Fox, Anastasia Burton