On Thursday, Republican Jon Bennion announced his campaign for Attorney General of Montana for the 2020 election. Bennion currently serves as the state’s Chief Deputy Attorney General under Tim Fox.

“I am running for Attorney General because I think Montana needs to continue to have an effective advocate to lead the state on public safety issues, fight government overreach, and protect our most vulnerable citizens,” Bennion said.

If Bennion were elected, he says he would try to prevent meddling from other states.

“That kind of meddling that we see from the federal government or from states on the west coast that are trying to manipulate Montana’s economy, I think General Fox has been tremendously effective at fighting back that kind of overreach,” Bennion said. “Are they going to try and push a Green New Deal down our throats or something like that? The state AG needs to be ready to defend Montana’s interests.”

Bennion says tackling addiction is one of his top priorities and that collaboration is crucial.

“We know that at the Department of Justice we are largely in charge of enforcement of these kinds of laws, but it has to be more than that,” Bennion said. “It has the be prevention. It has to be treatment. The more that we deal with it in a comprehensive way, the more we are going to be able to see the state has to spend less money on these kinds of problems, whether it is jails, child and family services, but we are also going to see people’s quality of life improve.”

Bennion advocates that he knows what it takes to effectively run the Department of Justice on behalf of all Montanans.

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