The economy, the economy, the economy . . . sure it's important, but it seems like that's all we ever hear about anymore. Frankly, that conversation is starting to get more and more depressing (boring). If people are going to vote on the economy alone, they've likely already made up their minds based on what their personal bank accounts look like after the past three years.

I doubt I'm alone in listening to the "bad" economy echo chamber and those suffering from the drudgery of the economic discussion will direct most of their rage at Mitt Romney. Obama, after all, has spent most of the last three years focused on modifying our healthcare system and pumping federal money into a smorgasbord of "green" projects.  Say what you will about the reforms, but Obama is a social reformer and many people respect him for trying.

Mitt Romney (and most Republicans frankly) need to take a lesson from Mr. Obama and apply their economic viewpoints to some social solutions. I want to hear a Romney speech on education reform, or on reforming the war on drugs, or even on fixing America's healthcare system. So Mr. Romney, if you're good at running a business you must be good at finding efficiencies in systems as well. You speak a lot about America at work, but give us a better picture of how you'll deal with some of these "at home" issues.