Missoula’s Partnership Health Center has announced that their clinics that serve all regardless of their ability to pay are still accepting new patients, despite the COVID 19 pandemic.

Communications and Development Administrator Eric Halverson provides details about the many clinics offered through Partnership Health Center.

“At Partnership, we actually offer dental, behavioral health which is mental health services and a full service pharmacy all right here at our primary site (at 401 Railroad Street West),” he said. “We actually have 10 total sites across Missoula and Mineral County where we’re serving about 16,000 patients every year with our variety of services.”

Some have expressed concern that with the COVID 19 pandemic that services at Partnership Health Center might be diminished, but Halvorson said that is not the case.

“We just wanted to make sure that folks knew that even during the pandemic that we are accepting new patients,” he said. “If folks have needs that fall into any of the buckets that we work on, that they’re fully aware that they can reach out to Partnership and we’ll do everything we can to meet those needs.”

Halvorson said there is also COVID testing available at their main campus.

“With regards to folks who are coming through our doors, we do a quick screening process where we ask them a few basic questions about their symptoms and their history and if they need to we send them to a focused screening area where they will be evaluated further to see if we actually do need to conduct a swab and then send that test off to the state to run that test.”

While Partnership Health Center is not a walk-in clinic, those in need of care are encouraged to call their local appointment line to schedule an appointment. Their staff will work with patients to determine whether a telehealth or in-person visit is appropriate for their needs.

In Missoula call 258-4789 for primary medical, dental, behavioral health, pharmacy, and for the Seeley Swan Medical Center, call 677-2277 for primary medical, dental, and behavioral health.

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