Landee Holloway feels uniquely qualified to step into the role of Justice of the Peace on July 9.

With the retirement of 20 year veteran Judge Karen Orzech, Holloway was excited to apply for the position.

"I've been working in the corrections field for over 23 years now, total," Holloway said. "My skills and mindset and how I function and interact with the community is similar to how Judge Orzech has been able to do it and the impact she has on people and to keep the community safe, and that's something I've been doing with the Department of Corrections for many years."

Holloway said her experience has given her a unique perspective on the local justice system.

"I worked for the Missoula Pre-Release Center for two years, back in 1993, and in 1995, I became employed with the Department of Corrections as a probation and parole officer," she said. "I've been doing intensive supervision, and I'm currently doing a re-entry caseload, a high risk caseload. I worked as a supervisor for awhile, but I stepped back into the area where I could directly work with people. I like to see that change happen in people."

Holloway said Judge Orzech will work side by side with her until she can learn the ropes.

"I've had plenty of opportunities to go to justice court, and I'll be working with Judge Orzech and learning from her prior to her departure. Then, I'll be taking over on July 9th, with a weekend shift, so I will be jumping right in to the position."

Holloway said she has already made plans to run for the office in November to take over the position full time.