For over thirty years, Missoulians have been shopping at the Kmart store near the  intersection of Brooks and Reserve street, however, according to Kmart officials, 2012 will be the last year the local Kmart opens its doors to customers.

Starting this Friday, the Missoula Kmart will begin a store-wide going-out-of-business liquidation sale.  Local management did not comment on the details of the sale, but said that "outside personnel" would be handling the event. The store is expected to be closed to customers by the end of September.

Nearly 50 employees work for Missoula's Kmart. Sear's Holdings spokesperson Kim Freely says that "workers will be notified of nearby open Sears and Kmart postitions . . . but they will have to apply for those positions." When asked why Sears Holdings had decided to close down the store, Freely simply responded “the lease is not being renewed at that location.”