The Missoula grown company formerly known as Kart Kleen has changed its name to Big Sky Decon and interest in the company is exploding across the state and the nation.

Jason Gardner and his son Max were in the KGVO studio on Monday’s Talk Back show and they brought two of their newest products, the Incident Response Bag and their Seat Decon Unit.

Gardner said the Seat Decon Unit cleanses and decontaminates a law enforcement or medical response vehicle in just a few minutes so that it is available for continued use.

“When somebody is apprehended or an unfortunate event happens right in the back of those cruisers, they can plug in their inverter in the car and it goes into the backseat of the cruiser and kills everything within three minutes of time, and in five to ten minutes it pulls all the smell out,” he said. “So, if somebody relieves themselves or if somebody gets sick, then it's something that the police officers can put in the back of the cruiser and then the vehicles not down for their shift. They're able to go back and protect the community.”

Credit: Peter Christian
Credit: Peter Christian

Gardner said the Seat Decon Unit is drawing a huge response from law enforcement across the country.

“Three of them are very much geared towards first responders, and very much geared towards community-centric risk mitigation,” he said. “Those are the ones that are taking off really, really fast. I mean, the other ones are still selling but those are the ones that are taking off, such as the disinfection locker that they're using in the jail systems. The Incident Response Bag that Max brought here and then the Seat D Con Unit is those are the ones that are really starting to take off in a very fast fashion.”

Gardner related a recent incident where he spoke to Montana’s Attorney General Austin Knudsen who expressed great interest in the Big Sky Decon products.

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“Austin was giving a talk and I walked right up to him and I just said, ‘Hey, you know, Austin. Hi, I’m Jason Gardner’, and he said ‘Oh, yeah, we’re familiar with you guys’,” he said. “We walked him out and showed him the products. And he said ‘this is really important for our law enforcement. And we need to get these into all of our law enforcement offices across the state’. We have heard that from the National Sheriffs convention that we went to, and we heard that from the chief of the Department of Justice when we were in Washington, D.C. What it does and the functionality, you get an officer or somebody in patrol that has to deal with people on a hand to hand basis daily. It's a game changer.”

Gardner also referenced a commercial client that just signed a contract with Big Sky Decon, Lithia Ford in Missoula. He related the problem the dealership was having ensuring customers that their vehicles were decontaminated after being serviced.

“We had a pretty difficult time during the pandemic with service and having people be worried about getting their cars back and whether or not the person who touched it last had their gloves on and their mask while they were cleaning it. He thought, ‘wait a minute so I could put this in the car and give somebody a little certification that says that your car has been disinfected prior to me giving it back to you’, what a beautiful opportunity. I mean, that's game changing and, frankly will definitely be something that will separate them from their competition.”

Click here to listen to the full conversation with Jason and Max Gardener from Big Sky Decon.

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