The Missoula non-profit Animeals is struggling to survive and is desperately trying to raise $60,000 before the bill comes due on June 30th.

The pet shelter’s founder Karyn Moltzen is calling on the community to help keep Animeals open and says she has done everything she can possibly do to keep the shelter going.

"Donations are down substantially and it's really hit us hard," said Moltzen. "We have restructured, streamlined, we have cut staff. We are down to bare bones right now... I sold my car, I've depleted my retirement account, I'm out of money."

Motlzen says it’s too difficult for her to imagine what will happen after June 30 if the money isn’t raised

"It would be catastrophic for so many people," Motlzen said. "We have 63 homebound disabled households where we feed their pets. We helped 90 families in crisis last year feed their pets when they lost their jobs or their house burnt down, or things went sideways. We helped support 53 rescues and shelters across the state We picked up 13 critically injured homeless animals off of the street last year and saved their lives. It would be very far-reaching if we weren't here to help people."

Animeals has been in Missoula for 13 years and managed to make it through the 2009 recession, but Moltzen says the non-profit has never been this near to being forced to close its doors.