Last week, June 22, the Missoula non-profit AniMeals was just days away from going bankrupt. AniMeals needed to raise $60,000 by close of business on June 30, and according to founder Karyn Moltzen they received nearly $90,000.

"The final figures are not in yet but we do that we have exceeded our goal,” Moltzen said. “We are astounded by the response from our community. You know we’ve gotten donations from twenty-eight states and nine countries.”

Moltzen said there is a plan in place to hopefully prevent another financial crisis from happening in the future.

“It will never happen again,” Moltzen said. “We’ve gotten a checks and balance system put in place where it will not allow us to get into a situation like this again. The kicker was, we just couldn’t carry the payroll anymore. I waited too long because I did not want to let these people go.”

Staff had to be cut down from 10 to 4 and Moltzen says AniMeals is going to need to rely on more volunteer effort going forward.