A Missoula woman says her beloved Boston terriers Buddha and Bailey were found dead under suspicious circumstances on Tuesday, April 26, bleeding from the nose and mouth in her yard in the El Mar Estates area off of Mullan Road.

"Tuesday afternoon, somebody had thrown some poisoned sausage pieces into my fenced yard and both of my Boston Terriers unfortunately ate it," said Missoula resident Elizabeth Houston. "They got poisoned from it and died Tuesday night. Police and neighbors came to help search and we found a pile of vomit from the dogs and individual sausage pieces with some kind of substance in it.."

Houston says the substance was collected and sent to Washington State for testing by a local veterinary clinic. The dogs will be cremated, but Houston is worried the same thing will happen to someone else, if it hasn't already.

“I found out about another case that happened Monday night,” Houston said. “I am still in the process of trying to track down the person this happened to. It was also somewhere here off of Mullan Road, in my neighborhood. I know that they also filed a report just like I did. I am just asking everybody to please share this because everybody needs to be aware of the danger.”

Missoula County Sheriff's Captain David Conway confirmed that there is an ongoing investigation into the dog poisoning, but was not aware of another recent dog poisoning case. The results of a toxicology test have not yet been produced.

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