30 year-old Tiffany Ortega will be spending the next 30 days in jail as the guest of Missoula County after cursing and insulting the presiding judge, Justice of the Peace Karen Orzech.

Ortega was appearing via video from the jail on two misdemeanor counts of careless driving and DUI. As Judge Orzech attempted to gather information about her home address and phone number, Ortega became loud and abusive toward the judge, who began by sentencing Ortega to two days in jail with a bail of $5,000.

After Ortega swore at Judge Orzech again, she found Ortega in contempt for cursing at her and added another 24 hours to her jail sentence.

But Ortega wasn't quite through yet.

She defiantly looked into the camera and gave the judge the finger...with both hands.

"Great," Orzech said. "We'll give you another five days for that, five for each hand." To which Ortega replied by cursing the judge in an extremely crude manner.

Judge Orzech stared at Ortega through the court camera. "And we'll give her 30 more days for calling me that word," Judge Orzech said.

Ortega's next court appearance will be August 17...before Judge Orzech.