Police arrested a woman they suspected of trying to distribute methamphetamine in Missoula just before midnight Saturday.

"An officer was driving through a parking lot located in the 3400 block of Mullan Road when he observed what appeared to be a suspicious vehicle that had backed up to an isolated spot out in front of the store," said Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh. "The vehicle was occupied by a lone female. The officer checked the plate on the vehicle and realized that it didn't appear to match the registration. "

Not only was there a mismatch with the vehicle plates, the driver was also reportedly pretending to be someone else.

"He made contact with the female and she was identified as 33-year-old Ann Peasely," Welsh said. "When the officer first made contact with the female he asked her for identification and she informed him that she didn't have any and gave him a name and a date of birth, which later turned out to be false, and actually that of a relative of the suspect."

Peasley was wanted on three warrants for failing to appear in court on prior charges, two of which are listed by the jail as felonies and those past charges are all she ended up facing in court.

The arresting officer originally jailed Peasley on suspicion of meth distribution, identity theft and obstructing a peace officer, however, prosecuting attorney James McCubbin said on April 19th that although he thought the officer made a "good arrest," he did not think the case would be successful in a jury trial and did not press the new charges.

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