Nick Holloway, Public Information Officer for the Missoula City County Health Department Vaccination Team spoke to KGVO News on Thursday to provide an update on vaccination numbers.

“We have about 27% of eligible Missoula county residents fully vaccinated,” said Holloway. “However, that's only the folks that have completed all the series of shots. Johnson and Johnson is a one shot and Moderna and Pfizer are both two shots series. So, we've had a total of about 79,000 doses administered in Missoula County. So as that second shot comes due and it gets reported, we should see those numbers of fully vaccinated people increase.”

Holloway said the information for getting vaccinated hasn’t changed.

“You can sign up for a clinic at COVID-19 dot Missoula dot co or dial 258-INFO, that's 258-4636 to sign up for a clinic,” he said. “The rush is not is done with and so we are still actively scheduling a lot of appointments for vaccinations, but you don't have to worry about getting a busy signal or clinics filling up anymore. It's easy; in fact it's never been easier to schedule an appointment than it is right now.”

Holloway said he has had comments from people that would prefer the one-shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine, but the supplies are very small coming into Montana.

“If you're looking to get vaccinated and you're looking to get a particular vaccine, I would say just get the first vaccination at the first opportunity you can,” he said. “There have been some real limitations with Johnson and Johnson's availability. I know it's a one shot dose, but you might have to wait a while, and we'd rather have people get vaccinated sooner than later.”

Click this link for this week’s mass vaccination clinics.


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