The Missoula Fire Department was called out early Wednesday morning to a report of a mobile home fire just off Russell Street. While treating the fire, firefighters were under the assumption that the residence could possibly be a meth house. Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“I don’t know what the person who coined the phrase meth house what their definition of that actually is,” said Welsh. “However, we have had information in the past that people who have been known to use narcotics have occupied that particular residence.”

According to Welsh, the term ‘meth house’ can mean many different things.

“The fire department, of course as everybody knows by now, was able to extinguish the fire,” Welsh said. “There was no meth lab or meth manufacturing going on in the residence. In this case the term meth house just refers to the possibility that there had been drug use going on.”

Battalion Chief Rick Pechta said the trailer was a total loss, but quick response helped firefighters keep other trailers nearby from being engulfed by the flames.

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