While chicken wings and salsa are high on most people's check-list for Super Bowl Sunday preparations, Sgt. Greg Amundsen of the Missoula Police Department hopes drivers will prepare for after the game too.

"Everybody makes big plans for the Super Bowl I think, or an awful lot of people do, and I think at the same time they are making that plan, part of their plan should be to make sure that if they are traveling to a bar or something like that to watch the game, or a party, that they make a plan to get home safely," Amundsen said. "That's are biggest goal, to get people thinking about that and to get impaired drivers off the road."

It's not quite a national holiday, but Super Bowl Sunday is a big enough event to trigger a widespread extra-patrol effort.

"You can expect to see a few extra police officers from the Missoula Police Department out. you are also going to see extra highway patrolmen, and most likely, extra Sheriff's Deputies out on Sunday during the Super Bowl time," Amundsen said. "It's a national mobilization request through the National Transportation and Safety Administration and the Montana Department of Transportation. The shifts are actually funded thorough MDT."

For those still searching for a ride home, Missoulians have more options now that ever before with the likes of UBER, LYFT, Green Taxi, Yellow Cab and Home Free Missoula just a phone call or text away.


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