A Missoula photographer, Dax Cody Kuehn was charged on December 2 with two misdemeanor counts of obscenity for allegedly sending sexually explicit photos and text messages to an underage girl in 2012.

Chief Deputy Missoula County Attorney Jason Marks said that the young woman came into Missoula from out of town to have her senior pictures taken by Kuehn in August of 2012.

"Subsequent to the photo session, a texting relationship developed between the two of them," Marks said. "In the course of that relationship, he sent the young woman some photographs of his genitals, and he has been charged with sending those images."

Marks outlines the charges against Kuehn, and if the young woman sent images of herself to him.

"He is charged with two counts of obscenity for sending obscene material to someone under the age of 18," Marks said. "There is reason to believe she did send photos to Kuehn, but no such images were found on his phone. If they had, he could have been charged with a felony under the sexual abuse of children statute regarding child pornography."

Marks said that Kuehn entered a plea of guilty to the two misdemeanor charges in Missoula Justice Court.

"He pleaded guilty on Monday, December 1, but the sentencing phase got a little contentious and the judge moved it to the 10th," Marks said. "Realistically, because he has no criminal history, we're looking at a probationary sentence. However, my main goal is to keep him from engaging in photography work with any other girls under the age of 18, to try to prevent this situation from ever occurring again."

Kuehn's attorney objected to that condition by the state.

"His attorney objected strongly that it is a significant aspect of his business," Marks said. "We'll work all that out on Tuesday, the 10th."

Chief Missoula County Attorney Jason Marks