We received lots of great entries for our Mother’s Day Giveaway contest… which made it really hard for us to choose a winner, but we ultimately selected Kalee Mikkola and her mom! Check out what she told us below, and then keep scrolling down to read about some of the other great Missoula-area moms that we heard about!

My mom, my hero, my everything. She’s given me a life filled with love and happiness. She has shown me what it’s like to be a great person. Not only does my mom take care of me, she also takes care of my older brother who is in college at Spokane. It has been hard having him away because she has to put up with me all of the time now. She has been nothing but good to me since day one. It doesn’t matter if I’m at my worst or at my best, my mom is always at my side cheering me on and supporting me with whatever failures and accomplishments come my way. I find my strength through her and I couldn’t be happier to have her as my mom. An obstacle my mom faces in life is that she has very high blood pressure and has a hard time dealing with stress and heartache. The thing that amazes me is that even after working long shifts as an accountant and coming home to a cranky daughter, she still pushes through no matter what. Yeah, we fight and have our arguments, but at the end of the day, no matter how upset I made her, she is always the one to apologize even when I was in the wrong. I remember when I was younger I had always had troubles finding the right crowd to hang around with and had a hard time pushing through school. But my mom, even though I hadn’t believed her at the time, brought me to the right people in life. I now, because of her, have amazing friends and spend my days doing things I know would make her proud instead of going out partying and messing up my life. She holds me when my heart breaks and tells me that whenever my heart breaks her heart breaks along with it. She tells me everything is going to be okay and reassures me that it’s not the end of the world and that everything is going to be OK. It’s because of my mom, that I am who I am today. I would give my life for her because that’s what she has done for me. It’s because of her that I am where I am today. Without her I wouldn’t have the strength to make it through the difficult times nor would I know where to go or what to do. She believes in me and everyone around her, she gives without expecting anything in return which can be tough on a person but she’s so selfless that it never bothers her. I believe my mom deserves this award over anyone else because she is the strongest, most inspirational woman in my life and I wouldn’t trade her for any other mom. Thanks for this opportunity, it’s awesome to know mothers are getting appreciated for all that they do!


Below are more stories from our listeners about their phenomenal moms:



From Katie Goble

This past year would have turned out very differently if it weren’t for my mom. It was about this time last year that when my parents gave my sister and me the worst news of my life…My dad had been diagnosed with…the C-word.
I still to this day have a hard time saying the word Cancer out loud without tearing up.

My dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Squamous Cell Carcinoma. He had to undergo the maximum amount of radiation a person can handle as well as chemotherapy. My parents live in whitefish and my sister and I are students at the UofM and life in Missoula so mom took on the role and my father’s one and only care-taker.

My dad was in shock from the moment he was diagnosed and stayed in shock throughout his treatment. At first my dad would get himself to his appointments but whenever the doctors talked to my dad he was unable to even recall what the doctors said. He didn’t take his medicine and some days he would try to get out of going to his chemo and radiation. He just wasn’t able to face what was happening, but we didn’t have time for that – we needed him to fight!

My mother learned early on that she needed to be at every appointment with my dad to make sure our family had all the information and to make sure she was doing what needed to be done at home. My mom would go to work every day, then pick my dad up, go to his appointments with him, take him home, and then go back to work. She lived like this for many months, never complaining once.

Because of the intense radiation on my dad’s throat he was unable to eat so he had to receive his nutrients through a feeding tube in his stomach. To further complicate things my father also has diabetes. My mom had to make sure my dad was getting the nutrients he needed to manage his diabetes and live as well as taking his appropriate medications for both his diabetes and his cancer.

In September we heard the amazing news… so amazing that my dad’s doctors literally said the word miracle when they told us that my dad was officially cancer free! To this day my dad can barely remember those many months of his life.

In a recent conversation he said to me, with tears running down his face, “I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your mother, I wouldn’t have survived” and he is right. If it weren’t for my mother I wouldn’t have my dad today.

My mother is the strongest most amazing, caring, selfless person I know. She deserves more than I could ever give her, but I would love to be able to win her this amazing price for all that she’s done and all that she is.
Thank you for considering Lori Goble for this fabulous prize!

Her Daughter,

Katie Goble


From Rachael Hoffman

Hello. My name is Rachael Hoffman. Even though my mom is an outstanding mother who I love and respect more than I could tell you, I would like to tell you why my best friend deserves this Mothers Day Gift. Her name is Allison Kelley. She is the hardest working, most selfless mother I know. She is the mother of 19 month old triplets. She actually is raising these children without the consistent help of her husband. Her husband has lived in North Dakota working to support their family since the triplets were 1 month old. He gets to visit for a week at a time usually every month.. Each day, Allison puts the needs of her kids first and makes sure that all of their needs are met. She is always in a positive mood and even pushes herself to work 20+ hours a week. Before work, she even prepares the meals for her kids so that the babysitters just need to warm them up. She maintains the house and yard work while the kids take their morning naps so that when the kids are awake, they have 100% of her focus and attention. She goes above and beyond in all aspects of being a mother. If you ever met these 3 adorable kids, you would instantly see how happy and loved they are. I can’t put into words how amazing of a mother Allison is. Alexa, Clay and Dean are three of the luckiest children I know to have such a devoted, caring and loving mother. I hope you consider Allison for this special gift. She definitely deserves a day to relax and know that what she does each and every day is appreciated!!

From Maria Laubach

My Mother came to live with my Husband and myself about three years ago now. She moved here to MT from South Africa with just two suit cases and a few boxes. She left everything she ever knew in South Africa to be here with us.

I don’t remember a time when my Mom ever put herself first. When I was little things were very difficult for us. My Dad was a difficult character with a gambling problem. The only way we survived was by my Mom taking charge of the house and finances. She sewed her own clothes, never bought anything for herself, made sure we all (my two older brothers and I) had good schooling.

Best of all, my Mom instilled in me the belief that I could do anything I wanted. My Mom’s generation was not raised to believe that women were capable of doing the same work as men. She was not encouraged for follow her dreams, but she raised two boys who are wonderful husbands and fathers who treat their wives with the utmost of respect, and a daughter who believes that she can do anything she sets her mind to.

Despite his personal problems, by Mom stuck by my Dad and took care of him until he passed away seven years ago. He had been terribly ill for years, and though she had to work full time in order to take care of them, she got up before she had to leave for work, made his food for the day, placed it by his bed, and when he got really ill, returned home during the work day to check on and care for him.

The only way my Mom could retire was to live with one of us (my brothers or I) because she had not saved for her retirement … she did not have enough money to take care of her children and put money away. South African social security is about $100 a month; not enough to live on. So, she lives with us, and we love having her.

She is a helper by nature. She cooks for her church’s youth group every Wednesday evening, and is always helping her friends by driving them to the Dr or helping them out in any way she can.

I just wish I could do more for her. We also live pretty much pay-check to pay-check, and don’t have extra money to spoil my Mom; a woman who has really never been spoiled, and deserves it more than anyone I can think of.

I would love for her to be able to chose furniture that she really wants instead of what we have managed to put together for her or have her room painted in the exact color she wants, instead of what we did before she got here.

I have no doubt that there are many wonderful mothers out there who would be over-joyed by winning a prize like this, but my Mom wouldn’t even understand why she should deserve something like this … she gives so much so constantly and without any thought for herself. She is so selfless that winning something like this will take her totally by surprise. I know I’m not explaining it well. My Mom never thinks what she does for everyone else is all that special, let alone that what she has done for me throughout my life is actually absolutely amazing. I think maybe, if she won sometime like this, she would see that who she is, what she does, really is wonderfully special.

From Hilary Ramsey

My mom is the most generous person I know. She is always baking cookies for friends and her work. She continually thinks of others before herself. When we go shopping, she is always looking at things for someone else, even when there are things she needs. She works hard at her job, helps keep our home clean and in order, and spends her life making sure my dad, brother and I are taken care of. The only “treat” to herself is a haircut every once in a while. We have lived in this house about 8 years and she still has not decorated her room like she want. This last year has been really hard on her, because she lost her job as a waitress that she had for over 21 years. She loved her customers and they loved her. She has tried a few different part time jobs and now she is somewhere that fits her well. However, it does not pay as well as what she has been making, so my parents are always stressed about finances. I don’t know a more deserving person to receive a blessing like this!


From Andrea Hartman

Mine is a mother of 4 brats ages 18-27, who feel like the word MOM is a target on her back. From snowballs to darts, from water to pillows, she has been the target of every object we can find. When we are not picking on each other we spend our time hiding fake spiders in her sewing, super gluing her car keys places, watering her plants with food coloring, or any other mischief we can think of….and she still loves us. I mean how many moms out there will teach their children to gut an animal, spin wool, mow, paint, cook, shear animals, make soap, and still have time play a board game. SHE IS AWESOME!! And if you had ever met the four of us and lived to talk about it, you would know the women deserves to be given sainthood. When it normally comes to mother’s day she always asks for something practical like a vacuum, just once it would be nice to give her all the luxuries she deserves. PS included a picture of mom right after we did her hair.


From Jake Roske

My mom has always supported me in ALL that I have done, from Cross Country and Track to sending me off on a 2 year mission in Guatemala. I know that after loosing my younger brother to SIDS when he was just five months old, that letting me go to a foreign country unsure of if I had food and water or if I was going to return at all and only having email, letters and a phone call on Christmas and mothers day. She never has complained and is always thinking about others and how she can help anyone and everyone. My youngest brother was born with autism and my mother took classes, read books and did everything to provide every need for him. She has always saw the sweet spirit that my brother has and loves him the same as my sister and I. My youngest brother is now nine and has recently won a science fair at his school. I know I can’t fully describe how much my mom has done for her family as well as everyone she meets and though being able to present her with your price would thrill her, it could never compare to the privilege I have had in a mother like her.


From Danielle Briggs

Where do i start…i have the most awesome mom ever!! She loves me more than anyone else in the world and takes care of me. My mom is a single mom and she works at her job and at home. She takes care of the house and the yard and always has time for me. She doesn’t know how to play video games very well, but we laugh because she is so bad at it. We watch movies and listen to music and dance around the house all the time. I don’t know what I would do without my mom, she is everything to me.

From Corrisa Bennett

My mom, Ginger, has always taken care of others needs before her own, whether it was her younger siblings since she was the second oldest child in a family with 9 children, her own 3 children or her 8 grandchildren that may she may be helping. My mother has always been my rock, she has this sort of silent strength and patience like no one else I’ve met. I went through the toughest time of my life 15 months ago and I don’t know what I would have without her. Everyday I strive to be just as strong as she has shown my that she is. Ginger really does deserve this :)

From Aidan Raiford

My mom is the goodest mom in the whole wide world. She lets me play outside all the time, and feeds me when I am hungry. I love her because she is so snuggly, and works really hard for me.

From Victor Montoya

Filing in behalf of our daughter. My mom has been a incredible to our family and the people she comes in contact with. She has overcome many obstacles in her life and just recently graduated from the University of Montana. I was born March 31st of 2011, while still pregnant with me, she completed her last year of school in order to graduate. She commuted from Ronan to Missoula everyday and continued on after I was born to finish in June. My mom cares for the needs of others and is constantly helping with donations and finances.

From Jennifer Kivela

My mom works so hard every day – even though she is a mother to six kids all in their 20′s and 30′s I think she puts more work into parenting these days then when we were little! She is always planning events to keep our family close not only for holidays but every day occasions as well. And even MORE time into grandchildren, always sacrificing her spare time to be the best grammy ever! And always, a role model for me on how I want to raise my children and the grandparent I hope to be in her honor.

From Kevin Jablonski

My mom deserves to win because she has given all her energy and love to raise two beautiful boys. My mom has been working lengthy hours as a social worker to keep our family afloat since my dad has been laid off for awhile now. Her dedication to see both her boys succeed in everything has led to many a great achievement for us. She drove us to school and boy scout camps hundred of miles away. Pushing us both to become Eagle Scouts and go to college. My mom may not deserve the prize more than any other mother but I know she is the greatest mother of all and the love and support from her family is all she asks for, this prize package would just be the cherry on the top.

From Holly Brooks

My names is Holly Brooks and My mom Myra Jones is a God sent women (mom) that is an incredible, energetic, honest, loving, patient, forgiving, person. My mom finds time for everyone and everything except for herself. I have 4 children when she go shopping for herself she comes home with something for everyone except herself. She is a paraprofessional at Fifth Ward Elementary in St James Louisiana. You would think she make all the money in the world because when a child need something she tries to make shore they have it. When I walk in the school they say who you looking for my momma and I say no my momma. You can ask any child in the neighborhood about my mom and they would that’s my momma. Her love for people is real and ever lasting. She focus a lot on children. She always telling them how putting God first in there there lives and in everything they do will bring them a long way. I know she is the best mom because the things she go through for us and others no one would put up with it if they aren’t a christian mom. She loves God.

From Robbi Ludemann

I believe I have the best mom and she is very deserving of this award. She is always there for me no matter what. She can be tired or sick and she will drop whatever to help me out. This goes from just being there to listen, to helping with my children so I can go to school or work. She never says no or asks me to find someone else. I don’t think I could ask for a better mom. She hasn’t been feeling good lately and the doctors haven’t been able to figure out why. A day of pampering might make her feel good for awhile. Also her chair is not in the best of shape so new furniture would be well appreciated. I would absolutely love it if she won this as I could not afford to buy her these items.

From LeAnna Henderson

My mom is fantastic and amazing in more ways than one. 2011 was a rough year. My brother was deployed, and my dad became very sick. Last year my dad was hospitalized in Seattle for 30 days, and my mom never left his side. She slept in a reclining chair next to him the whole time. I never once heard my mom complain. My parents have been married for 26 years, and my mom was the rock that everyone needed. Words cannot describe how much my mom means to me and my family. You never truly know how much you need someone until the time arises.

From Jethro Thorne

Although I am young and am suppose to have more energy, when I try to do all the things my Mom does in a normal day; getting me ready for school, cooking meals, doing laundry, cleaning the house, help me with my homework, WITH NO TIME TO PLAY, I am exhausted and just want to go to bed and be left alone.
I think I will leave my Mom alone now when she goes to bed unless there is an emergency or I am really really sick.
I love my Mom and appreciate her even more.