As Moms all over the Missoula area got up to enjoy their breakfast in bed on Mother's Day, they were treated to a good, old-fashioned snowstorm, courtesy of our northern neighbors.

Meteorologist with the National Weather Service office in Missoula, Mike Johnson, said the cold, moist weather system came down from Canada.

"We had a feature come straight down out of Canada this morning, and it started as rain," Johnson said. "Then, it rained so hard, it brought the snow levels right down with it. So, eventually we saw snow coating the valley floor, and it continued till just about noon."

Johnson said there wasn't a great deal of snow, and most of it melted as it fell.

"The snowstorm didn't have any real impact, other than the fact that it was wet and cold and fairly miserable," Johnson said. "We didn't have a great deal of snow on the mountain passes, as most of the snow melted right after it fell, however, we did get one report near Condon where they had between six and seven inches of snow."

Johnson said the rain and snow will not have much effect on the already high creeks, streams and rivers in the area.

"The fact that most of it fell as snow won't impact the waterways," Johnson said. "That will probably happen towards the end of the week, like by Thursday and Friday, when temperatures are expected to warm into the mid to upper 70's. That's when the smaller streams will begin to fill up and empty into the rivers. We're not expecting any flooding, but the rivers and streams will be running high and fast."

Meteorologist Mike Johnson


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