For the third time since the Florida High School Shooting that occurred of Valentine’s Day, Missoulians hit the streets to march against gun violence in schools.

On Saturday, a mixture of adults and children gathered at the X’s in downtown Missoula to join in the national ‘March for Our LIves’.

They marched to Caras Park where several speakers addressed the crowd. Some of the comments by marchers included, “A mass shooting at a school is such a tragic occurrence,” said one man. “If we don’t do anything, it’s just going to keep on happening. This should not be the normality in this country, and that’s why we’re marching.”

One student said, “I’m really passionate about students’ rights, and everyone should be taking pert in this today.”

Another student said, “I’m here to show support for the students who were killed, and we need to prevent any other school shootings. It’s one thing to be positive but it’s another thing to not act on anything.”

Protests and counter-protests were held in both Helena and Missoula.


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