While some were waking up early for Black Friday shopping, 23-year-old Jonathen Scott Gibson was being arrested for choking a woman, apparently because she disturbed his sleep.


"A man and woman who apparently got into an argument because the woman had gotten up too early, according to the male," Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh said. "The argument ensued and it escalated to the point that the male grabbed her and pulled her back onto a bed and then at one point to strangle her to the point it that it caused minor injuries to her neck."

Though only minor injuries were reported, Welsh says choking can cause damage that goes unseen.

"Minor injuries to the surface to the neck that we can see," Welsh said. "The dangers are the potential injuries inside the throat that we can't see that could be potentially life threatening. The offense itself reaches the elements of Partner or Family Member Assault that threshold to a felony offense of aggravated assault."

On top of the felony charge for aggravated assault, Gibson was also charged for a probation violation and held on $25,000 bond.