52 year-old Kevin Haggard was arrested on Sunday, September 10th and charged with felony assault with a weapon after allegedly hitting a female neighbor over the head with a metal rake, causing cuts and bruises.

According to court documents, Haggard shared a property line with the alleged victim, and when part of a large woodpile that was leaning on the fence fell through to the neighbor's property, she used her rake to push the wood back onto Haggard's property. He them grabbed the rake and struck her with it repeatedly, along with using pieces of wood from the woodpile.

At his Missoula Justice Court appearance on Monday, Deputy Missoula County Attorney Lacey Lincoln explained to Judge Marie Anderson why she was asking for $25,000 bail.

"It's alleged that the defendant hit the victim several times with a rake and pieces of wood, causing her to see stars and sustain a cut to her ear," Lincoln said. "The defendant has a fairly substantial criminal history. He has two felony drug convictions, as well as misdemeanor assault, domestic assault, obstructing and drug convictions. He has also had probation violations, and a warrant had to be issued over him making harassing phone calls. There is also an allegation that the defendant is using meth. For these reasons, the state believes he is a danger to society, and we are asking for bail of $25,000."

Judge Anderson agreed, and set Haggard's bail at $25,000. His next court appearance will be on September 25.


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