The Missoula Public Library is in the midst of Food For Fines Week, a special offer that should interest anyone with a fine for overdue books on their record.

"It's a partnership with the Missoula Food Bank that we do at the library about every six months during Food for Fines Week, which is this week, June 1 through 7," said Public Relations Reference Librarian Mary Drew Powers. "People who have overdue items or had overdue items and have some fines built up on their card can come in with non-perishable food items and we will waive their fine."

Powers said she doesn’t know the total value of the fines that have been waived in the past, but she does have numbers for the amount of the food that comes in.

"What we do keep track of is how much the food bank gets, they tell us, and it's always about 1,000 pounds of food for the week. I really want to get them about 1,500 pounds of food, so that would be even more fines waived."

Food for Fines week will end on Sunday. The library will be closed for training tomorrow.