The Missoula Housing Authority is giving a tour Thursday, June 14 of their newest affordable housing complex at 110 S. California Street. Executive Director Lori Davidson explains how this new 6-Plex was developed.

“They were built using state home funds which is a program that funds the construction of affordable housing among other things," said Davidson. "Because of the home funds, they are limited to people in certain income categories. In this case, the income is limited to $36,900 for a single person."

Davidson says the need for affordable housing in Missoula is great and they try to seek every opportunity to put a dent in that need.

“In this case, the city donated the land to us," Davidson said. "It is a small piece of land, only about 7500 square feet, but it was big enough with all the codes and things that we were able to fit a 6-Plex on it. We are very grateful to the city for their donation of the land."

According to Davidson, there are currently 1,700 to 2,000 people on some of their affordable housing waiting lists and finding housing for those individuals could take up to four years. Davidson says all of their new units have already been leased.

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