The Missoula County Attorney’s Office had 21 felonies to juggle this past week and County Attorney Kirsten Pabst says theft of various sorts was surprisingly frequent.

"We had a lot of burglaries and robberies, which is unusual," Pabst said. "We've seen a spike in those two things and we had seven violent offenses, two of which were robberies, and the remaining were assaults against a partner or family member involving either strangulation or a weapon. There were also six property crimes, four of which were burglaries."

Of course, there was a stack of non-violent crimes that made the list as well.

"In addition to those, there was an arson... a man allegedly set fire to one of the restrooms at Silver park, there was a theft by deception case, four endangerment cases, two of those were felony DUIs, two drug cases, and some other miscellaneous things that we charged."

Pabst says now is the time of year when burglaries and robberies spike and urged all Missoulians to be sure to lock up their homes and vehicles as a precaution.

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