Missoula Police encountered an odd situation late Tuesday night involving a drunk driver in the wrong lane of traffic at a red light. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

"Just before midnight, an officer imitated a traffic stop on a vehicle that he encountered as he approached the intersection of Russell and 39th Street," Welsh said. "As he got close to the intersection he noticed a vehicle facing southbound, but waiting in one of the northbound lanes, just waiting for the traffic signal to change."

Welsh says it is unclear just how long the driver was waiting at that red light, but if the police officer hadn’t stepped in, he could have been there all night.

"The sensors had not been tripped, in other words, the intersection was unaware that a car was waiting to proceed," Welsh said. "The officer actually pulled up next to the car in the left turn lane, which prompted the light to change. As the vehicle was in an opposing lane of traffic the officer then initiated a traffic stop and the vehicle pulled over in the 400 block of High Park Way, where the driver was subsequently arrested for DUI."

48-year-old Aaron Moser was actually charged with a felony DUI because he has been convicted on DUI charges at least three other times in the past. Moser was also issued a traffic citation for operating a vehicle without liability insurance.

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