Near 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 8, a Missoula resident called police on a vehicle that was driving erratically on the south side of town. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

"A person was reporting a moving violation near the intersection of Woodworth Avenue and Arthur Avenue, the caller indicated that the vehicle he was following was running red lights, unable to maintain a lane, driving in the middle of the street, threatening oncoming traffic, e.t.c. an officer was dispatched and he observed the vehicle run through a stopsign and cross over a double yellow line," Welsh said.

The officer caught up to the car at the intersection of 39th and Reserve and began to follow it.

"He eventually initiated a traffic stop at the intersection of Rio Vista and Miller Creek. He identified the driver as 57-year-old Bradley Clough and subsequently arrested him for DUI, Mr. Clough had a history of DUI arrests, making this one a fourth or subsequent and also a felony," Welsh said.

Clough is also facing reckless driving charges and potentially reckless endangerment. Alcohol does not appear to be involved, it appears that Clough was under the influence of prescription drug.

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