The Missoula County Attorney’s Office charged 15 new felony criminal complaints this week. According to County Attorney Kirsten Pabst, four of those cases involved interpersonal violence.

“We charged one defendant with multiple counts of violating an order of protection as well as privacy and communications,” Pabst said. “We charged another person with two counts of strangulation, partner or family member assault, criminal destruction or tampering with a communication device, which is generally taking the cell phone or damaging a cell phone when someone is reaching out for help from 911. We charged another person with partner or family member assault against the defendant’s adult daughter. Then there was another case involving stalking and privacy and communication.”

Pabst said there were two other violent cases this week. One involved a gun and another involved wine bottles.

“In the other violence category, we charged one defendant with assault with a weapon,” Pabst said. “The defendant allegedly pulled a loaded gun on another man, about five feet away. In another case, we charged robbery. That case involved some folks breaking into a grocery store before it's opening, stealing cans of wine, and then when discovered, threatening employees with bottled wine.”

Pabst said her office also charges seven new cases that involved property crimes. One of those was an accountability for burglary case.

“In that case, the defendant helped another break into an occupied hotel room and steal various items belonging to the occupant,” Pabst said. “We charge three new theft cases and three new criminal mischief cases. One of those involved the defendant allegedly harassing her grandmother. She then accelerated and drove off, eluding police officers. Then she stopped and actually backed into one of the patrol vehicles, causing damage.”

Finally, they charged one defendant for moving a mobile home without a permit.

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