On December 31, 2014 at 11:08 pm, Missoula County sheriff's deputies responded to a residence in the Evaro area for a disturbance between a male and female.

The 42-year-old male suspect left the residence before deputies arrived, but he was located in a vehicle a short distance away.

The deputies engaged in a short vehicle pursuit. The male turned his vehicle around and drove the car at a deputy who had exited his patrol vehicle.

The deputy fired his handgun, striking the male twice. The vehicle continued forward, but stopped after hitting a tree. The male was arrested and transported to a local hospital for medical treatment.

The sheriff’s deputy also received medical treatment for minor injuries he received during the incident.

This information is from a press release sent to the NBC Montana newsroom by  Public Information Officer, Travis Welsh, of the Missoula Police Department.

This is the second officer involved shooting reported in the Missoula area.  A city police officer is on administrative leave after fatally shooting a 20-year-old Missoula man who was reportedly strangling a woman in a car after a high-speed chase that ended at Broadway and Reserve in Missoula at 3:15 Wednesday morning.