The Missoula Community Foundation recognizes the role that technology is playing in the lives of Missoulians, so they are accepting applications for small technology grants to individuals and groups that need them.

Program Manager for the Missoula Community Foundation Nikki Robb explains.

“We keep hearing from everyone that there's a lot of technology needs out there,” said Robb. “We're all finding new ways to stay connected and to get connected and to be able to do things like order your groceries or call your doctor, all these different services, but not everybody has access to these things, so we decided this is a great time to offer some smaller grants that are technology focused.”

Robb is hoping to hear from a wide variety of community members and organizations to gauge the need for technology.

“We just want to hear what the needs are,” she said. “We will award these grants to those who need hardware and accessibility,” she said. “I assume some people will want to purchase actual hardware. You know, let's say for example, maybe there's a group that's trying to benefit kindergarteners who can't go to school, but they need some sort of special tool to participate in an online academy, so maybe we can give some certain a grant to help purchase more of those tools for kindergarteners.”

She provided the grant amounts to be released.

“We're planning to give about two to four grants and those are range in value from $1,500 to about $2,000,” she said. “Of course, if you only needed $500, you could apply for that as well. These will be open to apply starting October 1, so starting this Thursday, October 1 through November 1, and you can find those on our website at Missoula Community Foundation dot org."

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