Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - On February 28, four Missoulians combined their efforts at CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) to save a man who had collapsed at the corner of Beckwith and Arthur Avenue.

When first responders from the Missoula Fire Department, Missoula Police, and the University of Montana Police arrived, they found the four civilians taking turns providing CPR to the man who had suffered cardiac arrest.

Four Missoulians Joined Forces to Save a Life with CPR

At that point, the first responders took over and the patient was taken via ambulance to St. Patrick Hospital.

KGVO News spoke to Dave Smith, Emergency Medical Services Coordinator with the Missoula City Fire Department, who described what happened on February 28.

“We had a citizen collapse on his way to work, and we had four people stop and provide CPR for this guy,” began Smith. “The short story is he ended up walking out of the hospital and is doing great today and it really is in large part due to these people's willingness to stop and assist a fellow citizen and also having the skills to perform CPR on him.”

The Fire Department said it was Fortunate that all Four had CPR Training

Smith said this incident was the exception because all four of the individuals had taken CPR training.

“I haven't seen anything work out quite this perfectly as far as them just happening to be there and being willing to stop and provide aid for somebody, and also having the skills on board,” he said. “But this was a perfect illustration of why it's important for us to have people trained in CPR out there in the community. We're very dependent on bystander CPR, to buy our patients some time until we can get there to render aid.”

Smith provided information about upcoming CPR classes through the Missoula Fire Department.

“The Missoula Fire Department offers CPR courses at our station three at 1501 39th Street on the first and third Wednesday of each month,” he said. People can sign up by just calling the fire station at 406-552-6210. We have great CPR instructors. We do a hands-only approach to CPR, so you don't have to lock lips with anybody, and when you leave you will have been instructed and will be competent in adult CPR, pediatric CPR, choking emergencies, and use of a defibrillator.”

CPR Classes are either $25 or $50 Depending on the Certification

Smith said the training is open to anyone, even as young as 10 years old.

“We'll take down to 10 years old,” he said. “It's very useful for babysitters because it’s a pretty common event for younger kids to choke on things. So it would be a great feather in the cap for a babysitter out there. Maybe the kids could get an extra dollar or two an hour if they’re CPR certified.”

There is a charge for the CPR Training, either $25 for standard training or $50 for the American Heart Association card.

The four individuals who helped to save the patient’s life allowed KGVO to use their first names, and they are John, Lisena, Jeff, and Aleah.

The patient has made a full recovery thanks to the prompt response from four CPR bystanders.

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