As of Wednesday August 1, taxpayers in Missoula county who chose to pay their taxes online or in person with credit or debit cards will be paying an additional fee.

“All credit or debit cards have a fee that must be paid by the County, and some are higher than others. The rewards cards have the highest fees,” says Chief Financial Officer Andrew Czorny. “We have folks who own a lot of property come in to the Treasurer’s Office and pay their taxes with credit cards that yield significant rewards for them like cash back or vacation miles. The County is left footing the bill on approximately $600,000 of credit card company fees annually. It’s not fair to the people who pay through their mortgage companies or with a check. They’re basically subsidizing this cost.”

Missoula County is the last urban county in Montana to incorporate these new costs which include a 1.99% charge as well as a flat $1.25 fee. Czarney says that the charges will only cover about 70 to 80 percent of the counties credit card transaction costs.

Those who choose to pay via e-check can do so by only paying the flat fee. Furthermore, those who don't want to pay any fee at all can do so by waiting in line and paying with cash or check. According to Czarney, citizens will be asked to accept the new fees before they close their transaction.