On September 12, 2022, at approximately 2:04 p.m., a Missoula Police Department Officer was dispatched to a report of suspicious activity in the 800 block of Hendrickson Drive.

The reporting party was a resident in the area and reported that there was an older blue Dodge Caravan with a male inside that appeared to be on drugs and was dumping garbage. Police Public Information Officer Lydia Arnold explains. 

“Officers arrived and located the vehicle described to the 911 dispatcher,” Arnold said. “The officer observed a male, Mathew Brown, slumped over in the driver’s seat. It took numerous attempts for the officer to wake Brown up and acknowledge the presence of officers. The officer immediately noticed indicators of opioid use. The officer observed constricted pupils, unable to sit still, fidgeting, and a difficult time forming sentences.” 

The officer requested dispatch to run a criminal history of Brown, which identified that he had an active local arrest warrant. Dispatch also notified the officer that Brown was currently on felony probation. 

“Probation and parole became involved and a search was conducted where pills suspected to be fentanyl were located,” Arnold said. “Brown was taken into custody and was remanded on a warrant, probation violation, and possession of dangerous drugs. This case is still under investigation with the Missoula Police Department Detective Division.” 

According to court documents, the officer asked Brown when the last time he used illegal drugs and he stated that he last used methamphetamine and fentanyl a couple of days ago. Brown is currently being charged with felony criminal possession of dangerous drugs. 

The information in this article was obtained from sources that are publicly viewable.

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