28 year-old Matthew Lundberg was arrested on December 27 after leading police through Missoula and into Florence at speeds of over 80 miles per hour, crashing into law enforcement vehicles and then fleeing on foot.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney  Caitlin Williams described the arrest to Justice of the Peace Landee Holloway.

“The State is requesting a bond amount of $75,000, said Williams. “It’s alleged that this defendant led law enforcement on  high-speed chase from Missoula to Florence, and during the chase he rammed or attempted to ram several officers, ran red lights and drove into oncoming lanes of traffic. After he crashed into the Florence Liquor Store building, he fled on foot.”

Williams described Lundberg’s criminal history.

“His criminal history is extensive and show five prior felony convictions including motor vehicle theft, possession of dangerous drugs times two, distribution of dangerous drugs and assault with a weapon,” she said. “It is the State’s position that this defendant poses a substantial risk to the community, and is willing to flee from law enforcement at all costs. He is a major flight risk and was on felony probation at the time of his arrest.”

Lundberg was charged with felony probation violation, as well as criminal endangerment for placing other drivers in danger while fleeing from police while operating a motor vehicle and causing serious bodily injury.

After driving over stop sticks when coming into Lolo, Lundberg allegedly struck a police vehicle and attempted to sideswipe another patrol vehicle before crashing into the Florence Liquor Store building and fleeing on foot.

The public defender at the Missoula County Jail stated that Lundberg was already on $250,000 bond for his probation violation, and asked that the judge leave that amount in place.

Judge Holloway added another $10,000 to his existing $250,000 bond and ordered Lundberg to appear again in court later in January.


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