At around 10 PM on Saturday evening, Missoula Police Department responded to a call about a disturbance on the 2000 Block of Lester Street. Public Information Officer Travis Welsh provided details of the incident.

Welsh says that the complainant described a man who was acting disorderly and looking into windows.

“When the officers arrived, they spoke to a complainant who stated that a friend of hers was following this suspect male, as he had apparently entered her garage and stolen a bicycle while she was unloading groceries,” Welsh reports. “The officers were also informed that the suspect apparently dropped his cell phone out in the street in front of the residence.”

Officers collected the phone and answered an incoming call from a female. The officer identified himself and stated that he was looking for the phone’s owner.

“A short time later, a male called and said that he was at a nearby grocery store and that the cell phone belonged to him,” Welsh says.

“The officers responded and made contact with James Cordero, 45 years old. Cordero matched the description of the suspect described by the complainant on Lester. Eventually there were indicators that he was the suspect; however, he refused to tell the officers where the bicycle was located.”

Cordero was arrested for burglary and is currently being held at the Missoula County Jail. Officers are still searching for the bicycle.

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